Timers (3)

freetimers "Class", ID [,"Source"]

Categories: timers, free
Frees all timers at a certain object. Use class 0 and omit the ID to delete all global timers.
You can also specify a source to only delete timers which have this source.

timer "Class", ID, Duration [,Repetitions] [,Source]

Categories: timers
Creates a timer at a certain object (use class 0 and omit the id parameter if you want to create a global timer)
The duration param. defines the duration in milliseconds before a script or event is executed
Repetitions can be used to define the number of repetitions for the timer (1 by default). Use values smaller than 1 for infinite repetitions.
As source you can enter the ID of an info to use its script or a filename to parse that file as script. As alternative you can also enter an event which will then be triggered. Omit the source if you simply want to trigger the event "timer".

timercount "Class", ID

Categories: timers, return
Returns the number of running timers at an object. Use class 0 and omit the ID if you want to return the number of global timers.

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