Free (15)


Categories: buffer, free
Empties the buffer entirely

def_free "Class", Type

Categories: objects, free
Deletes the script in the definition of a certain type of object

free "Class", ID [,Count]

Categories: free
Deletes one specific object.
If the command is supposed to relate to an item, the parameter Count can determine how many items shall be deleted - otherwise, all of them will be deleted.
For Class you can also enter "particles". This will delete all particles. In that case, all other parameters can be left out

freebutton ID

Categories: interface, free
Removes a button with that ID (ID 0 to 9)

freeentry ["Title"]

Categories: diary, free
Deletes the diary entry of the title that follows as a parameter. If there is no title specified, all entries will be deleted.

freescript "Class", ID

Categories: free
Removes the script of a certain object


Categories: free
Deletes all scripts

freeskill "Skill"

Categories: skills, player, free
Deletes a skill

freestate "Class", ID, "State"

Categories: states, free
Deletes a certain state at a certain object. If the parameter state is left out, all states will be deleted at the particular object

freestored "Class", ID, Type [,Count]

Categories: items, free
Removes a certain item type stored in a certain object.
All items of the type will be removed if you don't enter a count.
You can also use "all" for type. In this case ALL stored items of each type will be removed (you have to omit the Count parameter in that case)


Categories: interface, free
Sorry, info not available in english!
Löscht einen per Text Befehl angelegten Text wieder. Die ID muss zwischen 0 und 19 liegen.

freetimers "Class", ID [,"Source"]

Categories: timers, free
Frees all timers at a certain object. Use class 0 and omit the ID to delete all global timers.
You can also specify a source to only delete timers which have this source.


Categories: objects, free
Sorry, info not available in english!
Löscht einen zuvor mit unitpath erzeugten Pfad. Die Einheit hört daraufhin sofort auf, dem Pfad zu folgen

freevar "Variable" ... [,"Variable"]

Categories: variables, free
Deletes one or more variables

freevars [Locals]

Categories: variables, free
Deletes all variables. The parameter Locals allows you to choose wether the local variables shall be deleted too (standard value: 1)

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