Skills (6)

freeskill "Skill"

Categories: skills, player, free
Deletes a skill

gotskill "Skill"

Categories: skills, player, return
Returns 1 if a skill exists else 0

incskill "Skill" [,Value] [,"Name"]

Categories: skills, player
Increases a skill by value (default 1). Use negative values to decrease it.
You can also change the name with this command.
The skill will be created with the right value if it does not exist already.

setskill "Skill" [,Value] [,"Name"]

Categories: skills, player
Creates or changes a skill. They are displayed in your character menu and are like variables.
The value is 0 by default. "Skill" is the internal name for you skill. It will automatically be the visible name for your skill if you do not enter a "Name" value. If you enter a name value then this value will be displayed. Enter "" as name if you want to have a skill which is not visible in the character menu.
A click on a skill in the char menu creates a global even called skill_XXXXX while XXXXX is the internal name of the skills (spaces are replaced with _ there)


Categories: skills
Sorry, info not available in english!
Ändert die Bezeichnung eines Skills, welche im Charaktermenü angezeigt wird. Soll der Skill im Charaktermenü nicht angezeigt werden, kann man "" als Bezeichnung angeben

skillvalue "Skill"

Categories: skills, player, return
Returns the value of a skill

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