Buffer (4)

add "Text"

Categories: buffer
Adds a line to the buffer


Categories: buffer, return
Sorry, info not available in english!
Gibt den Inhalt des Buffers als String zur├╝ck. Zeilenumbr├╝che werden als ┬Ž dargestellt


Categories: buffer, free
Empties the buffer entirely

loadfile "File" [,"Part"]

Categories: buffer, return
Loads the content of a file to the buffer and returns the buffer's content in form of a string (line breaks are displayed as ┬Ž).
If the parameter Part is specified, the command only loads a certain passage of the file. In the files, parts are marked by the character string //~ which can only be inserted at the beginning of a line. Promptly after it (without spaces), a name can be given to the part. I.e. //~MyPassage
Now if you fill in MyPassage as a parameter, the command loads from the very line on that begins with //~MyPassage and stops as soon as the next //~ is reached or if the file ends.
This way, you can stuff as much script and text into a single file as you wish.

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