Modding - II. Mod Ordner erstellen
Before you start with modding itself, you do some preparations for it. In Stranded II there are 2 ways to set up the frame for a new mod:
• Copy an existing mod (i.e. Stranded II itself) and modify it
• Create a new mod and make all anew
The method that fits better depends on how you want the mod to be like. If it will be similar to Stranded II, it is recommendable to just copy it and perform the changes on the copy.
But if you want to make something entirely new, that will not have to do too much with Stranded II at all, it is perhaps better to start up from the very bottom and make up all by yourself.
In the following part, both ways will be explained. The former will supposedly be the easier choice for the start.

Copy an existing mod

To create a mod that is based on an existing counterpart, just perform the following steps:
• Select the "Stranded II" folder per Explorer/"My Computer"
• Choose the subfolder "mods
mods Ordner

• Mark the folder with the name of the mod that you want to copy (If you have no mods installed, choose "Stranded II")
• Copy it per Ctrl+C and paste it again per Ctrl+V
• Rename it to the particular name you want your mod to carry (right-click the folder -> Rename)
Kopie eines Mod-Ordners

Create a new mod

• Select the "Stranded II" folder per Explorer/"My Computer"
• Choose the subfolder "mods"
mods Ordner

• Create a new directory (right-click somewhere into the void -> New -> Folder)
mods Ordner

• Give it the name you want your mod to carry (right-click the folder -> Rename)

Start the mod

Hooray-diddely-day! And already we have created our mods. All that is left to do is to start them. Especially if we have made a new one, this is of great importance, because only when starting it, the required files will be automatically copied into the folder of the mod!
To start the mod, you have to launch Stranded II with the particular command line parameter. Only that way, you can let it know that it is supposed to load our mod.

• Click on "Start" -> Run
• Click on "Browse..." and choose StrandedII.exe in the Stranded II folder
• Write the following command behind the quotation marks: -mod "My mod's name"
mods Ordner

It could look like you see it on this image. In this case the mod is called "tolle Mod" (German for "nice mod")
• Accept per Ok to start the mod!

Please note: If you have created a new mod, the first start will probably take longer as usual, because the necessary files must be copied into the mod's folder.

It is of course a very pedestrian method to start the mod that way. It hence is very recommandable to create a batch file or a link instead.
If you want to applicate a link, proceed just like for the executing: Create a link to StrandedII.exe and attach the "-mod"-parameter in its properties.
If you prefer a batch file, just create a new text file with the following content:
@echo off
start StrandedII.exe -mod "Your mod's name"

Then save the file with the appendix ".bat". A double-click on the file will start Stranded II with your mod.
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