on:Event { Commands }

Categories: basic
By the command "on", you define a section of the script that will only be executed on a certain event. The event is attached to the command via colon. Then there follows a pair of swift brackets. The mentioned section of script has to be inserted there.

start - when the map starts (not when a savegame is loaded)
load - when the map starts (no matter if begin or savegame)
presave - before saving a game
postsave - after saving a game
create - when created (only during the game, not when the game is loading)
use - on usage via action key / in case of items: when used in the inventory
hit - on damage dealt by the player
kill - when destroyed/killed
collect - when an item is collected per action key
drop - when chucking an item away
trigger - when the conditions of a trigger-info are matched
changeday - at the point of change to the next day (at 00:00 o'clock)
sleep - when sleeping
dig - when the player uses a spade (behaviour=spade), this event occurs to all objects nearby
fish - when the player uses a fishing rod (behaviour=fishingrod), this event occurs to all objects nearby
useground - when using the ground
usesea - when using the water/sea
impact - when a weapon scores a hit (occurs to the weapon and its ammunition)
timer - when a timer has ended
getoff - when unmounting a riding animal or a vehicle
attack1 - when an item is used as a tool/weapon by left mouseclick
attack2 - when an item is used as a tool/weapon by right mouseclick
ai_attack - when the player is attacked by a unit
ai_idle1 - when idle animation 1 is played (units)
ai_idle2 - when idle animation 2 is played (units)
ai_idle3 - when idle animation 3 is played (units)
nodeXXXX - when a unit that follows a path reaches the info with the ID XXXX (occurs to the unit)
reach - when the unit that follows a path reaches an info on the path (occurs to the info)
selectplace - when clicking the terrain in positioning mode
cracklock_success - when cracking a lock
cracklock_failure - when failing to crack a lock
build_setup - when a building is chosen from the building list
build_start - when setting up a building site
build_finish - when a building is completed
keyhitXX - when a scriptkey is hit (only in the script from game.inf)
keydownXX - when holding down a script key (only in the script from game.inf)
keyreleaseXX - when letting a script key loose again (only in the script from game.inf)
spawn - when spawning at a spawn-control info
addstate - when a state is added
freestate - when a state is removed
seperate - when an attached item is hit
edset - when an object is positioned in the editor
inhand - when an item is drawn
noammo - when shooting without ammunition (weapon items)
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